A Strange but Really Cool Poop Helicopter!!!

If You Want to Make Someone Smile, this Will Do the Trick!...

New & Different Flying Poop Makes Anyone Laugh!
  • Hand Flying Poop Ball Mini Induction Suspension RC Aircraft Flying Toy Drone
    • Quantity: 1 pcs
    • Unique poop shaped design, bring your kids pleasure.
    • Flying up and down without falling.
    • A key to open,simple operation,easy to play.
    • Below the sensor automatic induction obstacles,keep flying not fall to the ground.
    • Abandon the traditional craft characteristics of silent,make flying more interesting.
    • Inductive suspension and collision protection, light weight, easy to fly with simple operation especially designed for beginner.
    • Dazzle color light makes the flying ball become more and more beautiful and colorful.
    • The challenge is to keep the heli ball in the air!
    • Multiple protection - 3 seconds power on delay protection and auto-switch off when crashing or hitting..
    • Helicopter is very sturdy and will resist damage when it falls.
    • Stuck prevention security system.
    • Since the drone is super smart and will fly away from your hand when you try to grab it, all you have to do when you want to stop the drone, is to push any button on your television remote control and the drone will shut off and fall to the ground.
    Instructions for operation:
    • Release the UFO from your hand and let it fly up
    • After about 2-3 seconds the propellers will begin to spin
    • When the lights come on, hold the ball in a straight up position
    • Type: Induction Toy
    • Material: ABS Plastic
    • Battery: 75mA Rechargeable Battery (Built-in)
    • Flight Time: About8-10 min
    • Charge: USB Cable
    • Charge Time: about 25 min
    • Aged:14+
    • 1 Pc - Induction Flying Poop Helicopter
    • 1 Pc - USB Charger

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